Why Choose Tree Health Management?


Superior Team

Have you ever spent a long, sleepless night thinking about how best to keep your tree healthy? Hopefully not, but we have! Our staff of Certified Arborists, Climbing Arborists and Ecologists are the best experts in the industry, with ISA Certified training in all facets of tree care. We are tree preservationists who understand both the art and science of Professional Tree Care. We are a tree company committed to continuing education, to ensure we are always equipped with the most advanced techniques and standards the tree care industry has to offer.

Superior Service

When you or your trees need us the most, we will be there to provide the best tree care. Our Certified Arborists don’t put sirens on our trucks, but we do offer same day emergency service for tree removal in addition to scheduled pruning and ongoing tree health management. Our climbing arborists use advanced rigging techniques for pruning and tree removal, according to ISA Best Management Practices and ANSI safety standards. We assure that we will leave your property safer and better than we found it. Our Certified Arborists and Ecologists are always just a phone call away, ready to answer questions and give advice on not only your trees but the entire ecosystem in your backyard.

Superior Passion

Certified Arborists love nature and especially trees! Our tree knowledge is extensive. Meet with one of our ISA Certified Arborists and experience a new understanding and appreciation of your trees. We treat your trees, and your property, as though it were our own. Our tree company will go to great lengths to make sure you know exactly what we are doing and how it will affect the health of your trees and yard as a whole. We hope to build a long-term relationship with you and your trees, because that leads to healthy trees and ecosystems into the future.

Superior Green Technology

We offer the most advanced technologies in the industry- from tree decay detection to replacing the soil around your mature trees to the most advanced climbing arborist techniques. We are highly trained to use the tools in the Arboriculture toolbox to preserve your tree. If we must remove a tree, it will be done properly and safely, according to strict industry standards. We use OMRI Certified Organic products, so you know that not only your trees and plants will be healthy but also your family and our environment will be safe from unnecessary chemicals. If pesticides are deemed necessary due to an insect/disease problem, we have the expertise to use them minimally and responsibly. We track the life cycles of various insects and pests (believe it or not that’s our idea of fun!) so that no treatment is ever excessive or unneeded. We use the most advanced technology to test your trees, and properly diagnose health issues to provide proper care and proven results.


Pruning & Removals

Whether you need a pruning or a complete removal, Tree Health Management can take care of it. The process is simple: Give us a call and within a week a Certified Arborist will meet you to offer recommendations.

Tree Health Care

At Tree Health Management, we take a nurturing and holistic approach to caring for your trees. Many times symptoms of poor tree health don’t appear until disease or insect infestation has progressed.


The first step is to pick the right plant for the right spot. Proper planting is one of the simplest and yet most commonly overlooked aspects of tree care. All of our plants are installed with a Certified Arborist on site.

Discover the Tree Health Management difference! Call 608-223-9120 to have one of our certified arborists evaluate your property.