The first step in all of tree health is to pick the right tree for the right spot. Our tree and shrub planting program is dedicated to getting you the perfect plant, in the perfect spot, for the long term. To start, one of our Certified Arborists will help you begin the process of adding or replacing plants by consulting with you on your soil type, light and moisture conditions and any other considerations needed to choose the best species for your situation.

All of our trees, shrubs and plants are installed with a Certified Arborist on site. Proper planting is one of the simplest, and yet somehow most commonly overlooked, aspects of tree care. At Tree Health Management, we start things right and follow them through. Every planting we do is backed by a three-year guarantee, and guided plant care. During those three years, our Certified Arborists inspect the plant as well as administer our special transplant therapy injection so your plant adjusts to its new space readily.


By using our planting services, you know you’re getting the right tree for the right location, and the care to help them adapt faster to their environment. By choosing Tree Health Management for your plantings, you are insuring that the people who plant your tree will do it right the first time and won’t just abandon you after it’s in the ground.

Call 608-223-9120 to have one of our certified arborists evaluate your property.