Meet The Tree Health Management Team



Tree Health Management creates a complete, sustainable and expert service package for all of our clients. We are trained in the most advanced practices in our industry as well as traditional techniques and simple wisdom that will never go out of style. Our Team is comprised of Certified and Degreed Arborists and Technicians, all with a passion for trees. We provide our clients with outstanding tree care, and unmatched knowledge and passion.

Briana Frank

Briana is that rare individual whose knowledge is equal to her passion. It’s likely she is up before you and, after she tucks her two beautiful daughters into bed, odds are she’ll be up late working hard to keep out city’s plant life thriving. While others may feel burdened by this type of devotion, she needs only to look out her window or down any Madison street where Tree Health Management has been involved in shaping the natural world to be reminded that the challenges, trials and sleepless nights are far outweighed by the benefits for this generation, her children’s generation and beyond. She never turns away from an opportunity to help the Madison communities’ natural spaces thrive and flourish.

Favorite Quote: "The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Her interests include a love for travel and languages, alternative medicine, meditation, family, local and organic food.

ISA Certified Arborist: WI-0661A
B.S. Forest Ecology and Natural Resource Management & Environmental Studies
Qualified Tree Risk Assessor
Commercial Pesticide Applicator #149560-CA

Nathan Marti

Nathan loves the outdoors, loves working directly with people and is always the first person to step up when anything needs doing whether it is addressing a client’s concerns, fixing a flat tire, digging a planting hole through 12″ of solid rock with a pick axe (because that’s the only spot where the tree can be planted) or even denying his deep love of the outdoors to sit at a computer all day long. Plus, look at that face! He has a knack for customer service that can’t be learned in a seminar or from a book and comes only from a real and genuine love for people and a sincere desire to help them work towards a healthy and sustainable backyard ecosystem.


His daughters are his most captivating interest, but he also enjoys fishing, camping, travel, and growing food in his backyard!


Commercial Pesticide Applicator #288186-CA
B.A. Marketing, UW Milwaukee

ISA Certified Arborist: WI-1055A
McKinzie Myszka
Consulting Arborist

She is a highly skilled arborist that loves meeting clients that are excited to help their trees, and seeing all of the awesome trees they have along the way!

Her family and friends inspire her, she always strives to be a great example for her son. Her hobbies include cycling, kayaking, camping, climbing, and hanging out with family.

Fun Fact: She used to play roller derby, and still likes to roller skate!

ISA Certified Arborist: WI-1249A
Commercial Pesticide Applicator #499038-CA

Paige Tomaszewski
Office Administrator

She loves being able to help our clients get their trees set up with success when scheduling services with Tree Health Management, and helping the crew to stay organized during the busy season.

Favorite Quote: “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hobbies include sewing, spending time with her boys, being outdoors, and baking.

Kevin Short

Kevin has a passion for helping trees, and enjoys being able to give each tree the best possible care. His keen attention to detail, and steady hand, make him a tree’s best friend.

Favorite Quote: : “Drink Coffee and Destroy!” – Dr Alex Shigo

Hobbies include Subordination of co-dominant stems with included bark, eating breakfast burritos, riding Northwoods gravel roads, and paddling moving water.

ISA Certified Arborist: WI-0930A
Certified Pesticide Applicator # 471065-CA

Bradley Selz

Bradley has a clear passion for Restoration Ecology, and loves nothing more than to seek remnant Oak Savanna to whip back into shape. When he is not out battling invasive plant take-overs, you may find him in a local woodlot, assessing and locating trees for a future planning project.


BS Forestry, UW Madison


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