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Site Management and Consulting

Whether you are planning a new construction project and want to keep your trees safe or you simply need someone to check up on your trees and plants and to keep them watered, we are here to help.

Landscape Monitoring

Just like a doctor checks your health and recommends ways to stay or get healthy, the Certified Arborists at Tree Health Management can assess the health of your landscaping and make recommendations for improved health. We will visit your property spring, summer and fall to monitor and analyze the health of each of your plants and trees.  Then we will create a detailed report letting you know the health of each plant.  We will also give you recommendations on watering, soil nutrients, pruning and a host of other items.

Tree Selection and Landscape Plan Analysis

Unsure about which plants or trees will work best for your yard?  We can assist you in choosing the perfect place for your trees and plants.  Our Certified Arborists will listen to your needs and goals to help choose the trees that best fit your situation.  Are you looking for energy savings from a tree?  How about a screen from your neighbors or from busy roads?  Are you worried about limited space? Worried that a tree will cover your lawn or driveway in seeds berries or the dreaded tennis-ball-sized walnuts?  Our trained professionals can answer all of these questions and address any concerns so you know that you are choosing the right tree for the right space the first time.

Tree Inventories

Have you been wondering which tree species you have?  Do you need to find out which to clear and which to keep?  We work with you to create a custom solution that helps you gain a better understanding of your trees.  We can help with everything from tree condition reports to creating a tagging system and numbering each tree.  We can give you an inventory of all of your trees so you can plan your projects around them and know which trees will be affected.

Construction Protection and Monitoring

Trees can be especially vulnerable during a construction project.  In order to protect these great natural assets, we analyze your construction plans to figure out if your trees will be negatively affected and how best to preserve them. Then we assist with finding and measuring the critical roots of the trees.  We make recommendations such as fencing trees, laying down mulch to prevent soil compaction and mapping out equipment routes that don’t harm trees.

We also help with the planting process to assure that the wrong type of tree isn’t planted in the wrong place.  Plus, once the construction is complete, we help the trees return to their full health and reduce any post construction stress.

If you are having issues with trees and sidewalks, we can assist in putting root barriers in place while still preserving the health of the tree.

Tree Valuations

Trees make great assets to any property.  When improper removal, toxic chemicals or carelessness with heavy equipment (even lawnmowers) cause irrevocable damage, you need a professional tree valuation in order to determine the value of the tree and the value of the asset you have lost.

Our valuations take into account several factors including the emotional value of the tree as well as the monetary and energy savings of the tree.

Drought and Watering Services

Everyone knows the stress that the 2012 drought placed on their lawns and plants.  However, the drought was just as stressful to your trees, even if you didn’t see them crawling across your lawn to drink from the hose.

We offer several solutions for watering your trees.  We can water each week for you, inject the root systems with water instead of just watering from the top of the soil, or we can install water gators that work as a slow drip irrigation for your young trees.

Away on vacation?  Don’t spoil the fun by worrying about your trees and plants the whole time. We can come to your house and give your plants and trees just the right amount of water so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

For more information about any of these services, please call 608-223-9120

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