Tree Health Care



Disease, insects, poor soil quality, toxic chemicals, pesticides, construction, poor planting, even unqualified tree care companies (Oh my, the list goes on and on!) all reduce the growth and life of a tree.

At Tree Health Management, we take a nurturing and holistic approach to caring for your trees. Even if you think your trees are healthy and cared for, many times symptoms of poor tree health don’t appear until disease or insect infestation has progressed. Often, by the time a homeowner notices a problem, it is too late.

If you think your trees are stressed-or even if they have a healthy appearance-it is important to get an experts analysis. Give us a call, and we can schedule one of our certified arborists to come out, and offer you professional, honest advice and recommendations. Many times we will be able to do some fairly simple but actually still pretty fancy and  technologically advanced testing of your soil and trees to pinpoint the exact issues.

If we need to schedule someone to climb the tree for further testing or come back to measure the health of the inside of the tree, we will let you know  upfront and with no hidden testing fees or charges.

Our tests are very cost effective (especially when weighed against the costs of tree removal or failure) and allow us to get your trees back to health as quickly as possible.

We will also take note of what your neighbors are doing to their yards and trees so you can be assured we will find the cause and be able to give you a solution and not just treat the symptoms.

For many of our tree therapies, you do not need to be home.  However, we will leave you with a document keeping you up to date on all of activities and what products we used. Many of our clients are nearly as nerdy as we are about this stuff and will use the documents to do further research on their own! We offer many OMRI certified organic products to protect your family and our environment. Plus, we treat your property as our own so you know your yard and trees will look just as good as when we arrived.


We are always just a phone call or email away, even well after we have finished the job.  So you can rest assured that you and your trees are in good hands for years to come.


Tree Nutrition
Soil & Root Management
Insect & Disease Management
Tree Decay Detection & Risk management

Call 608-223-9120 to have one of our certified arborists evaluate your property.