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Tree Health Management offers complete tree and shrub care during every stage of their life cycle, including pruning, insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, soil and root care, planting, tree removal, consulting and more. We believe in sustainable results using advanced environmentally-friendly technology. We provide the service and confidence you would expect only from a company that is the best of the best. Our ISA Certified Tree Experts understand the ecological complexities of the urban forest, and are dedicated to sharing our knowledge to promote a healthy and sustainable environment, which will be enjoyed by generations to come. For Healthy, happy trees, choose Tree Health Management.


Why Tree Health Management?

Have you ever spent a long, sleepless night thinking about how best to keep your tree healthy? Hopefully not, but we have! Our staff of Certified Arborists, Climbing Arborists and Ecologists are the best experts in the industry, with ISA Certified training in all facets of tree care. We are tree preservationists who understand both the art and science of Professional Tree Care. We are a tree company committed to continuing education, to ensure we are always equipped with the most advanced techniques and standards the tree care industry has to offer.

Japanese Beetle eating leaf

Mar 1 2024

Japanese Beetle Management

The Japanese Beetle has been a steadfast non-native pest in Wisconsin for the past twenty years causing damage on countless numbers of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. Japanese beetles are ...
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Mar 1 2024

How to get rid of ants and sucking insects

Arborists often get questions from concerned customers when they discover a large amount of ants congregating on new growth of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees. Ants found in large numbers ...
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Jan 3 2024

Why All Consulting Arborists Aren’t the Same

In the vast world of arboriculture, the term "Certified Arborist" is a broad umbrella that shelters a diverse array of tree care professionals. Our clients have often shared their observations ...
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