Why All Consulting Arborists Aren’t the Same


In the vast world of arboriculture, the term “Certified Arborist” is a broad umbrella that shelters a diverse array of tree care professionals. Our clients have often shared their observations about the varying knowledge bases of arborists who have graced their properties. It’s an undeniable truth: not all consulting arborists are cut from the same branch.

A Tapestry of Expertise: Beyond Tree Removal

It’s not uncommon to encounter Certified Arborists who excel in tree removal, showcasing a profound understanding of the physical aspects of tree care. Yet, the world of arboriculture encompasses much more than just the art of felling trees. Here at Tree Health Management, we take pride in offering a multi-dimensional team with diverse expertise.


Our team includes horticulturists who delve into the intricacies of plant biology and cultivation. Beyond addressing immediate issues, they take a proactive approach to enhance the overall health and vitality of your trees. Their expertise extends to soil health, nutrient management, and fostering optimal growing conditions.

Forestry Experts:

The natural life cycle of trees involves more than standing tall. Our forestry experts understand the nuanced interactions between trees and their environment. They specialize in forest and woodlot management techniques, ensuring that your trees thrive not just in isolation, but as integral members of a larger ecosystem. A stand of one, or many- our background in Forestry has your tree needs covered!

Restoration Ecologists: Balancing Ecology and Arboriculture

For us, it’s not just about trees; it’s about harmonizing arboriculture with broader ecological principles. Our restoration ecologists bring a unique perspective, integrating tree care practices with ecosystem restoration goals. They work towards achieving a balance where tree health aligns seamlessly with the surrounding environment. It is all interconnected for healthy trees.

Entomology and Pathology Specialists:

The health of your trees can be compromised by unseen forces—pathogens and insects. Our team includes specialists in entomology and pathology, equipped to diagnose and treat issues at their roots. By understanding the intricate relationships between trees, pests, and diseases, we provide targeted solutions for a healthier, more resilient urban forest.

Beyond Certification: Our Commitment to Comprehensive Arboriculture

At Tree Health Management, we believe in going beyond the label of a Certified Arborist. Our team’s collective knowledge spans across disciplines needed for tree health, ensuring that you receive a full-on tree care experience. Whether it’s preserving a majestic oak or fostering the growth of a young sapling, we bring a wealth of expertise to every corner of your arboreal landscape.

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