Tree Health Management’s Biochar: what is it and how can it benefit your trees

Spring soil

Urban trees have a lot of stressors to live with from limited space to compacted and less than ideal soils. At Tree Health Management we want to aid your trees from the ground up, literally, starting with creating nutrient rich soil for roots to thrive in. Studies have proven the benefits of Biochar materials in plant growth by replenishing nutrients and reducing greenhouse gases. What is Biochar? It is a carbon charcoal product made from biomass materials (wood chips, plants, manure, etc) that has been heated or chemical converted into a stable compound. We created a blend of composed of charcoal, compost, hummus, worm castings, algae, and mycorrhizae for our signature Biochar product. All of those delicious ingredients increase soil bio diversity, increase moisture retention in the soil, and increase organic content in the soil. There are many ways to use Biochar from adding the product during a new tree planting, amending the existing soil around the tree roots, injecting the material into the soil around the roots, any many more.

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